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This is the ending to the first season I was waiting for.

I very much love the Egoraptor vibe this has.

How did you make me fall in love with something so silly.

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The first step is great art. Which you nailed. Music is great and the character getting hit is fun and satisfying. The next best thing I could recommend to make this better is showing accumulating damage overtime. I get that it is supposed to go on forever until you can't button mash anymore but it would give the play some extra reason to try harder to see how worse you can get him to look.

Frontpage this for sure though.

WeirdRikert responds:

Thank you for all the kind words. This was small test project, so idk how far i'll go with features, but if decide like adding more that will certainly be on the list : )

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I really liked the song and the message it had. Came out better than I would have expected. Just a few things I would recommend to get a "better" sound would be cutting down on the reverb or echoing during your verse. It makes it hard to understand what is being said and even if you are off key it'll come out clearer and it wouldn't be amplified by going over it twice. You'll get more done by pitching the sample to be off key to match you so it at least sounds more intentional. In my opinion at least. I also hope you show more confidence in your next song because you really have some talent and I would like to see you grow as an artist.

Last little note. Putting that tag on the end (which is great I understand why you do it and some of my favorite rappers (pretty much all of Strange Music)) do it but it makes it a little harder to want to listen to the song on repeat. If you plan on the song to be repeated or listened to a couple of times in a row then you might not want to put that tag on all your songs.

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Whole new meaning to glass cannon.

This would be a great style to animate in. Have you thought about that?

zattdott responds:

maybe! could be a future project 😉

I love to write. Taking my hand as 3-D modeler and looking more into the animation aspect of things.

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