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The Heart of Snowmar

Posted by Unabated - August 13th, 2021

This was requested (to an extent) from a more recent (at the time of this post) an Oneyplays where Tomar asked for a ballad. Since I don't usually write music I more or less wrote this with a short little ballad in the middle. I hope everyone reading this enjoys and I hope that one day Tomar reads it on stream. The cringe is intentional and I have never written anything like this before so I would gladly accept all criticism.

Tomar pats the freshly turned dirt with his shovel and wipes his brow before letting out a sigh of relief. “There,” he says to himself. Almost to make this all feel more real, “the last of the Tomar Emeralds are hidden.” Confident that nobody saw him he traveled home using what little residual power the emeralds left within him. His driving his pink convertible something, it helped him cope with his burdens. The burdens of all that power he possessed. The wind flowing around him, he could feel the inhuman speeds he was able to make the car travel at. Weaving carelessly through traffic.

The Lightbringer bringer himself. It was what rushed through Tomar’s mind. Though Tomar understood that The Lightbringer was planning on overpowering him, Tomar had to hide the emeralds for someone worthy to find and take over after him. To protect the world from The Lightbringer. All the pawns he surrounded himself with. Chris, Zach, and even Lyle weren’t strong enough. Though Lyle was a close second to Tomar. Creating a sequel to sex was no easy feat.

This last flight helped Tomar find his center before returning him to Jaxxy but he still felt like something was off. Something bad was about to happen. He told himself to push it down and enjoy a meal with Jaxxy while he planned a quest for someone who would be worthy to take his mantle to defeat The Lightbringer. For now Tomar was growing old and though his power was still peaking his endurance was waning and he could not last in prolonged combat with The Lightbringer.

Walking through the front door to the house he was remembering being the historically accurate influence to Kratos from the God of War video games series. How they got everything pretty much perfect. But they hid the fact that when Tomar killed a foe truly worthy he condensed them into an emerald which radiated power to the wielder. Though he understood that this wouldn’t make for the epic violence that the game called for since there was more strobes of light involved than tearing of limbs and blood.

Seeing his mezuzah was sitting straight he tilted it before walking all the way through the doorway. “That must have been what has been making me feel off.” Tomar thought to himself. “The mezuzah wasn’t affixed correctly to protect my home, my Jaxxy, from the chaos of the outside.” After keeping it at the perfect level of crookedness for Tomar he used his thumb to push the nail back into the frame to keep it from letting gravity pull it straight again.

“Jaxxie, my love,” he called out to his home. Seeing a light on in the kitchen. Tomar could tell through the smell of chicken fat and those little balls of carbs that she was making him a bowl of matzoh ball soup. It was a normal human thing to need to recharge after undergoing a task as grand as Tomar. But Tomar was more tired in the mind than of the body. “It is done. I have hidden the last emerald.”

“That is good to hear,” Jaxxy shouted from the kitchen. “Dinner is pretty much ready. Go ahead and sit down at the table.” She added, like Tomar didn’t already know how this dinner ritual worked.

Tomar sat down at his throne-like chair at the end of the table. A copy of his manuscript was sitting there waiting for him to go over some final chapters before he published it. Tomar liked to work on it a little before dinner. “Tomar’s Tome: A guide to manipulation of the weak,” Tomar thought to himself, “I need to finish this soon. I wish I wasn’t such a perfectionist sometimes.”

Sliding the unopened manuscript over he felt more sweat forming on his brow. It made him realize it was hot. Almost like being under a heat lamp. Jaxxy walked in and pondered outloud, “Did you adjust the thermostat? It is getting rather toasty here.”

“No,” was all Tomar replied as he dabbed his cloth napkin on his forehead to reduce the amount of perspiration he was emitting.

“Well I made this for you,” Jaxxy said as she placed a bowl in front of Tomar before sitting down herself, with her own meal. “Hopefully to cheer you up a little. I know having to hide those emeralds hasn’t been fun. And it has taken you years to complete.”

Tomar disregarded her caring statements when looking down at his bowl with a smile. “Is this what I think this is?” Tomar asked, knowing full well what it was.

“Yeah, I added treestars to the broth. I know how you like them so much.” She smiled back. It was a loving moment. Something they shared so rarely with the stress of everything collapsing. The growing power of The Lightbringer and the waning of Tomar. It was moments like this that Tomar wished he had spent most of his life like instead of protecting the world from the old dangers of the greek world and the Old Ones. “And for dessert I made that apple pie you like. The recipe my grandmother left me.”

“I’m sure I will like it.” The table was being lit up by some light coming from outside. Tomar thought it was weird since it was only supposed to get darker at this time. “What is going on?” Tomar was on the verge of confusion and excitement but bouncing between the two.

“I don’t know.” Jaxxy said as the blinding light shattered the window into their dining area. ‘From Behind the Fourth-wall’ came blaring through as powerful as the beaming lights that would be deafening to anyone other than Tomar himself. Linkara stood there as a beacon of light whose mere presence was an affront and challenge to Tomar himself.

“Behold it is I! Linkara, The Lightbringer.” Linkara boomed in his nasally voice.

Jaxxy had a knife in hand and was ready to defend Tomar. “Jaxxy, put down the knife. Eat your fucking food. I’ll handle this, babe.” The heat of rage was changing Tomar to a pale white with lines of red crossing over his body. Almost perfectly likened to the character Kratos from the God of War video game series.

Linkara with his dead stare paired uneasily with his uneasily lively smile. “Tomar, I have come for the emeralds. I have bested Doug in our reckoning in a split dimension pocket. I have locked Zach in a phase between between phases. I have become more powerful than you. Now I demand those emeralds, Tomar. I need them to cement my power.”

Tomar through gritted teeth trying to hold back his rage. Knowing if a fight broke out now it would begin to rip parts of reality apart making it harder for the next chosen one to find the hidden emeralds and take his place. “You do not know what I keep hidden from this world. What I have defeated to keep this world safe. My Tomar Clan will make sure nobody like you will get your greedy hands on those my Tomar Emeralds.”

“I do,” Linkara shortly remarked. Linkara’s light slowly started to engulf poor Tomar. “I plan on releasing it. Controlling it.”

As if by queue you could hear a piano tune carrying itself on the whistling of the wind blowing through the window. It came through like a royalty free bastardized version of Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison.

We all cringe silently

Throughout the days

Although we fight close together

We can be miles apart, besides

It something you said, something you did

Calling on us to fight in your stead

Through the power of Tomar

Through you tried

And I guess that’s why they say

Every tree has its star

Just like every god has its end

Just like every lord sings has a power ballad song

Every tree has its star

Yeah it does.

The lyrics sung powerfully by Chris O'Neill frightened Linkara who recoiled at the sight and sound of him. Grumpy Jeff was there to support Chris by carrying the grand piano and Chris at the same time. Though Jeff was obviously not happy about it. Almost like Dracula being licked by the rays of sunlight, Linkara shrieked and vanished with the speed of a thousand demons.

“Are you okay Tomar?” Chris ran over to a hunched over Tomar sizzling in the combustion of his and Linkara’s power colliding with each other.

“I’m fine.” Tomar said to Chris pushing him away and going over to check on his beloved wife Jaxxy. “He is much more powerful than I thought he would be. We need to act faster at finding someone worthy to carry the Tomar Emeralds.”




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